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  • Write articles for RightEverywhere
  • Certified to deliver Birkman and Hogan Assessments
  • Introduce network connections to advance job search
  • Hold BA & MA Degrees
  • One of the first Coaches at Right Management to support Workfolio websites for candidates
  • Promoted from coordinator to manager to director of Human Resources
  • Recommended by former clients for successful career transition assistance


Bonnie B. Diamond
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln
I am a dedicated Certified Career Transition Coach bringing value to my clients from my background in Human Resources, start-up and corporate environments. I help my individual clients and groups set goals by taking stock of where they have been, what they have accomplished and where they want to go next. Together we create an action plan to move forward within his/her present industry and position or to make the leap to a new one. I have worked extensively with career changers and individuals returning to the workplace after a break. I work with my clients to address all aspects of the job search and career transition process including: self-assessment, resume development, social media branding, strategies, interview preparation and negotiating techniques. I am known for strong presentation skills, energy and passion for coaching. Before coaching full time, I served as a thinking partner to the CEO and Chairman of the company, brainstorming on effective Talent Management and Organizational Development ideas. I have additional experience in retail business and education.

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Career Transition Coach, Professional Coach

    Extremely sensitive Career Transition Coach who adds value to personal coaching relationships by encouraging and assisting clients with all aspects of career management and job search. Specialties include: assessment of values and talents | all networking efforts | resume writing / editing | job search correspondence management | interviewing strategies and practice | evaluation / research of current job market | negotiations for best deal possible.

  2. Certification - ICF-ACC, International Coach Federation
  3. Certification - Hogan Assessment Systems
  4. Certification - Birkman First Look

    Completed all necessary coursework to become certified in the most recent version of the assessment.

  5. -
    Director of Human Resources, CERTPOINT Systems | Vuepoint (now Infor)

    Handled all aspects of employee life-cycle from hiring process to exit interview with a concentration on coaching, recruitment, employee relations, and organizational development. Worked with the executive team on staff development and the creation of positions that added value to the business and improved employee retention, while coaching individual employees to improve performance and advance their careers. Known for flexibility and easily adjusting to change as the the organization grew.

  6. -
    Professional Coach Training, Coach Certification Institute-ICF
  7. -
    Owner/General Manager, Dynamic Discount Jewelry

Proudest Accomplishment

Re-inventing myself and finally finding my "sweet-spot"

Experience Highlights

  • Career Management Consultant
    Right Management - together with our team of talented coaches we make a difference every day
  • Career Transition Coach
    Professional Coach - work 1:1 with individuals for Career Change and Growth
  • Director of Human Resources
    CERTPOINT Systems Inc. (acquired by Infor in 2013)
  • Owner/General Manager
    Dynamic/Stevell's Jewelry

Education Highlights

  • Master of Arts (M.A.)
    Brooklyn College
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    Brooklyn College


  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
    Walk in central park - sunday, october 19, 2014
  • Rebuilding Together NYC
    Highlight Description


  • Walking | Hiking | Golf | Travel
  • Duplicate Bridge
    Bronze Life Master
  • Reading
    Book Discussion Groups


  • 4500
    candidates coached
  • 500
    career changers

Questions & Answers

How did you decide to become a coach?
I never realized it, but I was always coaching…my kids, my friends, my family. They called my campaigns “Pep Therapy” but it was Coaching! When my oldest child was a young professional, his corporate organization offered him the opportunity to meet with a Life Coach. He came out of that session, energized and excited about the chance to look at his life, his career and dream about what he wanted to do and be as he grew professionally. He immediately called me up and said “Mom—I just figured out what you should be when you grow up—a Professional Coach!
What do you like best about your work?
I find the Career Transition Coaching that I do at Right Management and with individual clients, incredibly rewarding. When I am working with candidates, I KNOW that I am doing what I was meant to do and that I am making a difference.
How did you learn more about your profession?
NETWORKING! I began talking to people, researching and asking questions: What did coaching look like? Is it a real profession? Who is doing it?  How could I find out more?

I connected with the coaches who had been brought into my son’s company and through them I was led to the ICF (International Coach Federation) to start my Coach Certification Training. Once certified, I used coaching in my Human Resources Director role, mentored by an Executive Coach, Tom Bailer,who worked with the senior management team on leadership skills.


Networking Meetings

Connecting with your network for job search is the most effective way to move forward. 

The DO'S and DON'TS" can be counter-intuitive. 


Don't: ask for jobs

Don't: push your resume

Don't: meet on the phone

Don't: appear needy or desperate

Don't: say "let me know if you hear of anything"


Do: ask for advice, information & referrals

Do: ask for help—be specific 

Do: offer help—be specific

Do: prepare

Do: follow up






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